My blog is the canvas and my words the paintbrush to channel and reveal creative thoughts and advice. I am tuned to question, challenge, understand, share, educate, inspire and integrate. ​I have a good understanding of individual human behaviour. I draw my inspiration from my own awareness of existence; my being part of the environment and the experience called “life”. 


It so happens that I am involved as a broker for insurance and medical schemes in South Africa. I earn a living from applying my knowledge and skills towards the managing of risks, offering relevant solutions to general and specialised insurance needs. All this is done within the framework of the FAIS act as authorised FSP (3186).


I believe every problem has a solution; you just have to FIND THE WAY.  


I'm awaiting more opportunities to enjoy and to share.


Disclaimer: The contents of this blog is not intended to replace advice that could have been provided by your personal advisor, the legal- and medical professions, or by people with qualification and specialised skills in any line of business or therapy. My opinions and advice come from my experience in life and knowledge gained in the course of my marketing career. I shall not be liable for consequences of decisions you make based on the contents of this blog. Verify advice and comments with your own professional advisor or therapist prior to applying it to your circumstances. ​

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