Green pastures

December 2004

Since 1994 transformation has become the key word for every business.

It affected every individual in one way or another, whether you work for yourself, or whether you are employed by another.

The more stressful the daily surroundings, the more we experience an urge for alternatives.

Two years ago, I realised that I would like to get myself a birthday present from stock that will never be depleted:

If you could only take the time to read, this is what I wish to share with you:

I pictured myself as one of the sheep from the flock in the high mountains of the “Painting “ by Ezekiel 34 : 11 (and further)

We have to find peace within ourselves

for the reason that we are born to be cared for by the Good Shepherd

“Who will seek and deliver His sheep

and feed them in good pasture and upon high mountains.”

May this Christmas Season be the time for us to listen to His voice once again.

May we be brought to the Living Waters

where Hope will never cease…


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