Intellectual stupidity

December 2007

You may have entered 2007 with certain expectations and you may have found it to be quite different from any previous year. My Christian Faith was tested like never before. Not because of physical or emotional reasons, but rather on an intellectual level.

One specific night I was turning from one side to the other in my bed, thinking…



Suddenly I felt a disturbing feeling grabbing hold of me…

It was as if my own thoughts expressed the following words on behalf of My Dear Lord towards me:

“And what if I decided to turn My back onto you and walk away from you without turning once to look back at you?”

This disturbing experience was enough to shock me right out of my intellectual stupidity.

I recalled a previous experience from my life, when I pictured this Master calling me to follow Him like a blind person – unconditionally – even if it would mean that He would take me deep into a dangerous and deserted place.

What I’m sharing here might be of no meaning to you

But my desire for you is to experience something genuine and different this season

And if possible to make a choice to serve the Lord

the way He wants to be served

Which may help to turn other lives into His direction

Even if you do not judge yourself to be the perfect example of somebody that God can use in order to reach out to other people...


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