In this very moment

December 2008

Most of us have been occupied with a lot of thinking and reasoning during the past year.

Most of us will have to admit that our emotions were greatly affected by the particular contents of our thoughts – to such an extent that we perhaps need to rediscover our real selves again… somewhere behind our egoistic thoughts and emotions.

We need to rediscover WHO WE ARE with regards to our ORIGIN.

We may need to forget about the past – and even the future – and instead become aware of who we are at this very moment.

We need to LIVE in THIS PRESENT MOMENT – that is what’s vital.

Do we carry on like an unconscious person, unaware of our true identity as an integral part of the this awesome Creation that we were born to experience?

Shouldn’t we rather utilize this very moment to BECOME AWARE of our own presence and participation in the Eternal Life we are sharing with our Creator?

Let’s wake up NOW and become an observer of the effect of our PRESCENCE in this world.

Let’s relate to our SELF and to others in such a conscious manner as to

Let the Prescence of God shine through us.

May the Lord prepare you for a life-changing experience during the Christmas Season of 2008 – and may the effect of this experience never fade.

This is my wish for all who crossed roads with us in some way or another.

We are ever grateful for your involvement in our lives.


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