Dear God

December 2009

Dear God

This is Leonie Burmeister…

The one who had more questions than answers about real life and issues regarding faith during the course of 2009.

My year-end letter to my clients was sent out late this year because I just had no clear message to carry over from a sincere heart.

It made me feel sad…

So, when I sat in front of my mirror on Monday, there was a “message to myself” – very clear in my thoughts.

So, dear God, I have no wish to further question the way of life…

good people will grow old

good and innocent people may have to stand in front of judges

cancer will be diagnosed, treated and perhaps beaten

but, yes, some good people will die too young

babies will be born to live, other may be still-born, or perhaps with life threatening defects…

parents will rejoice although some will cry over their loss for months on end

good people will unexpectedly be killed in accidents on our roads

health risks with sudden or slow onsets will occur amongst the dearest of people

good people will get married

good people may be shocked by their partner’s wish for a divorce

good families may experience trouble with finances

responsible parents may experience difficulty in understanding the emotional needs of their teenage children

talented kids will excel in different fields whilst others may put their trust in the wrong people from the internet and other media, and get involved in drugs and other decadent endeavours

very good people will lie in order to receive benefits that were not intended for them


There will always be






about You Yourself and what it means to be the Origin and the Ending of Life…

This is Life…

and it will be as it is – forever onwards (?)

Whatever the question, the answer may be different from what one might expect…

The Essence may be to acknowledge our shared vulnerability towards all the above and many more… and to leave it up to God to give and to take whenever it is time for us to be on the receiving or the giving side of Life…

To accept what comes our way – in a less stressful manner where possible…

I have no further questions for now

I just the need to be guided

I appreciate every person who has crossed ways with us this far.

Thanks for just being who you are.

You do not have to change who you really are.

We are all children of the same God.

Let us move into 2010 together – knowing who we are.

I’d like to pass this on to you: stop questioning… be guided…

May you be blessed and may you pass your blessings on to all who will cross your way.


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