Gazing into the fire

December 2010

Oh, I’ll spend all summer in the Highveld. To experience the romantic rainy moments contrasted by the loveliest of sunny days. Summer time in Ermelo is filled with the simple splendors of nature, like a bird splashing its wings in the coolness of an afternoon shower puddle.

How easy it is to light a fire and enjoy that skaaptjoppie in fellowship with friends and family. To allow yourself those moments where your mind secretly wanders off to inspiring places while you stare into the flickering flames of the fire…

There are still stars above, millions of them, twinkling in the deep darkness of the night.

The moon is still gliding, seemingly motionless, on its path through the open skies.

The sun seems to be at rest on the other side of the world.

The sound of crickets and frogs are keeping to the slow-paced rhythm of the night.

I start to think about the absolute privilege of being alive.

I find myself more at peace with matters that brought on stress levels throughout the year.

I allow myself to ponder over the positive and pleasant possibilities for 2011.

I become intensely aware of my dependence on – and my desire to experience the

Prescence of – my Creator and Provider…

I recall memories of past spiritual teachings. It brings a tear to my eye.

It’s nine ‘o clock at night and everything outside is already quiet as the neighbourhood settles down for the night’s rest.

It’s a Silent Night…

Wait… What’s that I hear? It’s a knock on the door…

I have three wishes for you:

The Prescence of God

His Grace

To be loved by your loved ones

Allow me to instruct you as follows:

Love yourself

Love your family and friends

Enjoy life to the utmost, because it may as well last for only one more moment, who knows?

Please share with us some surprises that you have already experienced, or that may be awaiting you in 2011. It may really mean something to those who find themselves in similar positions.

I'd like to write a book.


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