Impromptu picnic

December 2014

At the end of another year it is important for me to get closure on what was

before I can set my mind straight towards what is yet to come in the new year

There is no single person who will not benefit from doing exactly the same

Just this morning I realised as if for the first time:

The perfect attitude in difficult moments would be the one minimising possible damages

An example:

If one has to go through a divorce, deal with the process in a manner such as to save the blame

By doing so the otherwise harmful experience can become a bit easier on both partners, and so much easier on kids involved

Whatever one’s hardship, there should be a way out

If only the perfect attitude can be combined with whatever action has to be taken

The perfect attitude in happy moments would be one including gratitude

Gratitude for some reason simply seems to double happiness

and furthermore attracts emotional and physical rewards towards all involved

Yes, one has to work hard to achieve results in daily life – not all come in an easy manner

But by filling all of your space with an attitude of gratitude

there is little room left for spoiling and fearful thoughts which could easily get us off track

I suppose I am saying all of the above against the context of my own experience in life

I have learned that meaningful moments are created from within

Inspired by my own awareness of what is going on around me

Independent of where I am and with whom


I draw inspiration from people who are triggered to find new meaning and new purpose here and now more than I am triggered by people who merely respond from their established tradition and belief systems

My four year old grandchild inspires me… all the time


“Ouma, just come have a look

I have chosen a spot under a tree where we can have a picnic”

The purple blanket spread open on the lawn;

“Come sit, Ouma… see this is a nice place to be...

We can see many beautiful things from here

Now we need some sweeties and cold drink

Let’s go get some, Ouma”


If you can see and hear

Then look around and spot something to look at or listen to

Nature – be revived by sunrise, sunset, rain , trees, clouds, birds

A child playing – be happy with them and play a bit!

A teenager in distress – a sincere hug & smile with pat on the back – every day!

You have much more in store


If you can read my message you also have the ability to process data

You have normal brain function

With normal brain function you can apply knowledge to needs

And communicate

What a blessing

I hereby thank our clients for 2014 and all we could share in this professional relationship

It was a pleasure providing you with advice and thereafter handling your claims

We’d like to build on this relationship in 2015

Managing your risk by offering you all the cover you need at acceptable rates and terms

against all the challenges so unique to the South African environment

By the way:

The social network that I have chosen to explore unique and original visions from people all over the world, is Google Plus

I intend to become a Google + blogger myself for the reason that I find it hard to “receive” without the urge of sharing at the same time.

I shall perhaps forward you a link to my blog in due course, whenever ready; meaningful talk of any kind being the intended focus.

Take advantage of your moments of rest during the festive season at hand

May you be blessed with all you and your family may need

File all regrets

Find peace and calmness


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