December 2015




A concept that changes any direction:

I wanted to do this, however, I decided to do that

I listen to you while you are telling me about what happened

I try to identify the emotion from your facial expression

Your state of mind becomes my own as your story unfolds

Some things remain unsaid


The gaps between the verbalised and the non-verbalised

are bridged by my sincere understanding

In my mind I envision your pathway

charging towards some vague destination

without any halt

My brain is scanning and screening through all the information just entered

selecting the useful

deselecting and discarding the inappropriate and harmful

I look past you

and far down the pathway that brought you to the point where you find yourself at right now

my focus jumps back to your current location

Surprisingly you have reached a split in your road

It is obvious that you have to choose the way to go from here onwards

The outcome of your choice may either fix or change your destination


This is your road – not mine

The first step into the direction of your final destination

Will have to be taken by YOU

I had various concepts in mind which I wanted to share with you

Stories of my own which could also have served a meaningful purpose when shared with you


I got the sudden urge from nowhere and started scribbling on the first nearest paper I could lay my hands on:

A colouring book of my granddaughters beside my bed lamp


Mid December

Time for reprocessing

Maybe the time for putting a “however” in your own sentence

thereby changing your direction for the better

Whatever the circumstances may be…

If you cannot find the direction you so desperately need


It will come to you

Sure Enough


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