You are not welcome in my life

I want you out

Get going and stay away from me

You are an intruder making my life horrible

I never know when to expect you

But you know very well any expectancy from my side

Is like a personal invite to you

You cannot appear soon enough

So I figure there must be a way to have you vanish forever

Rather soon than later

I notice you sitting next to me

Not far in the corner where I would prefer you to stay

You must be happy to find me in this state again

I can see it from the sly expression on your face you are casting in my direction

It is me and my rapid breathing and even more rapid heartbeat on this side

Against you and your strange and expectant silent presence on the opposite side

My handbag is always my first resource against you and your desperate onslaught

In there I have to find the small yellow heart shaped concor tablet at the speed of lightning

Specially reserved for an occasion like this

Saviour in its own right – swallowed with a mouthful of water from the tap of the basin

Yes, I notice you even follow me on my swift way down the corridor

On my way to my second resource – my kitchen

Where I am trying to find a little source of calcium which I believe may assist my exhausted heart

In its race to absolutely nowhere - for as long as this ordeal may take to subside

Maybe I shall survive

If I can only find my breath in the following 5 minutes without passing out

No, I have never passed out as yet – I always stay upright – on my feet – wide awake

I choose to endure the full punishment - instead of lying down in submission to YOU

What a joke will it anyway be if I die now

With no witness present to at least understand my unreasonable , terrifying fear of YOU

I’d rather live to see you vanish at the same speed as you have entered my private space minutes ago

Dying is not an option , however weird my attempted struggle to live may seem.

And then it is happening at last

My rapid breathing subsides

My heart rhythm also recovering from its race to nowhere

A couple of moments of utmost relieve – I can breathe – I can breathe

Now it is my turn to help you:


Nightmares are short periods of anxiety following an experience from your sub conscious mind. Normally a person wakes up and realises the terrible dream is over, even forgetting most of the contents within a couple of moments

Without further concern about the validity of the experience and whether to dwell over remaining images flashing into and out of the mind

But in some cases real life events have prolonged effects on the human psyche because it has not been resolved efficiently after the scaring event.

The case scenarios may be very different from person to person

But the effects of unresolved fears, and the way to treat and heal the symptoms, are similar.

In some cases the fears may involve actions from third parties who interfered with a person’s normal social or psychological development at a sensitive age.

It must be harder for a person to overcome the consequential fears from such scenarios

Motivational books and courses may not be sufficient coaching for each and every person who is suffering from debilitating physical and emotional responses.

Real support and personal life coaching by a qualified expert may be advisable instead.

My story is simple and easy to understand – yet it gave me a good understanding of the subject

We lived on a small farm situated in between mountains

A happy place to be, with lots of opportunities to experience nature to the fullest

Life was a real pleasure

But there were a couple of boring moments too

Especially one morning when my little sister and I decided to invent a new in-house game

We would lock each other up in the loose standing clothing closet in my parents’ room

Just for a minute or so, as long as the locked up one can endure the darkness inside,

With little or no space to move, as the closet was full of jackets and other heavy stuff on hangers.

It happened at my age seven

My little sister - three years younger than myself - was at age four.

The difference in age should have bothered me - on second thought -

But it was more exciting to play risky games than not to play risky games when we were highly bored

Anyway, at age seven nobody thinks of what may possibly go wrong – do we?

So it happened that I have locked up my sister first because I am older and wiser and would know how to respond in case something goes wrong

On her first shout I let her out by unlocking the door with the removable key

Easy as that.

It was my turn then, and everything went well, until ….

My sister was eager to unlock the door from outside on my shout

She did not mean to waste any time

But that was it …

The removable key fell from the keyhole onto the floor before the door was unlocked.

My sister was trying her very best to fit the key back into the keyhole

None of her repeated attempts being successful

I realised I have big trouble and got all the more tensed

While I tried to listen what was happening on the other side of the locked wooden closet door

With the mirror facing my little sister.

At last my sister gave up and announced her decision to call our mom for assistance

I heard her calling, but I could not hear my mom responding to her calls

She must have been outside doing things in the yard too far to hear my sister’s first calls.

In the meantime I felt powerless in the darkness and limited space.

My heart was beating right up in my ears

I was slamming on the door from the inside, hoping to attract attention

But by doing so, the closet became very unstable

My biggest fear was that it would tip over and fall face down on the door to make everything worse

So I had to be cautious despite my increased anxiety

I thought it took hours for my mom to arrive on the scene and set me free at last

I was happy to be alive and had no ill feelings towards my little sister after all

But the effect of the experience was huge and I did not want to repeat the exercise by getting in and out of the closet again.

I recall the above event as being the origin of my first unreasonable fear for narrow spaces

Of course there were more events contributing to my well established fear for enclosed spaces

It so happened that my 18 months old son and my household servant became trapped in the elevator at the seventh floor of the flats where we lived once.

They were trapped for 90 long minutes before the Service provider turned up to fix whatever went mechanically wrong with the elevator

From there I avoided using elevators for any reason because of my fear of being trapped.

I‘d rather use the staircase in any situation no matter how silly it made me feel in the presence of other.

It was not to increase my fitness

It was out of cold fear

Phobias and anxiety make life miserable for the suffering person.

It makes no sense to the spectators.

They may even find it strange and weird

There is no logic behind most of the panic attacks.

So what are your fears ?

Fear of death

Fear of life

Fear of medication

Fear of being alone

Fear of rapid heartbeat

Fear of animals

Fear of failure

Fear of success

Fear of being rejected

Fear of saying something wrong

Fear of being exposed

Fear of bloody-well anything

It is possible to become fully released from debilitating fears?

I have recovered from my personal fears

I purchased workbooks on anxiety and phobia

I had to desensitize myself all the way back to where it started

It worked well for me

This is what I have done - this is what you have to do - this is my tip of the day:

Stop anticipating the symptoms related to anxiety or panic attack

You are going to have a panic attack if bad stuff happens

Just do not go and fetch the symptoms in advance any more

Get into the elevator

Watch the doors closing

Tell yourself this is not your happy place

Your happy place is somewhere out in the open

Be afraid but do not allow it to become more than that for the moment

When the doors open you walk out

And if the doors do not open

Try to die. is the website to search for workbooks on Anxiety and Phobias.


In the event that your symptoms are too intense, rather ask your doctor to be referred

for individual therapy to be desensitized under supervision of an expert in the field.

Life is too beautiful to allow debilitating fears to rule.

We need to hear your story.

Please respond by using the inbound email address from our website

Make it your destiny to overcome each and every fear in your life without further postponing.

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